Easy configuring your Apache servers

ApacheConf is the shell for configuring Apache web servers. ApacheConf represents all the information from the httpd.conf file, from the included files, from the log files, .htaccess, .htpasswd and .htgroup in the structured view. All of the server's directives are grouped by category and all these groups are represented as a tree. Also all the server logs, .htaccess files, password files of your users, etc. are available only by one mouse click. In this way, you can see the entire structure of the server at once and you can easily manage all of the server's directives as well as the directories and virtual hosts. ApacheConf is a complete "control center" of Apache web server.

A good Apache web server configuration GUI is a great way to introduce you to Apache and using the Apache web server configuration GUI is faster and easier than configuring Apache server by hand.
ApacheConf has the descriptions all of the server's directives and parameters. You can easily get help about any directive at any time. It helps the beginner to quickly master the Apache web server and it will provide a real tutorial for you. For the experienced user it is an indispensable administrative tool that is often used in professional webhosting solutions.Read more